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Why Us?

At Family Solution Therapy, we understand that relationships are the core element in all of our lives and strong relationships means security, confidence, and resiliency. That is why our vast network of therapist/clinicians implements the Solution Oriented Models focusing in on strengths and change. Each session is a powerful and impactful full hour of progression. Our Mission is to transform relationships one solution at a time.

Our Strengths:

  1. Bi-Lingual Therapist (English/Spanish)
  2. Flexible Hours 7 days a week
  3. Premium Outpatient (In home) Therapy
  4. Longer Sessions
  5. Therapy Packages for individuals, families, couples, and group therapy


  1. Individual Therapy
  2. Family Therapy
  3. Group Therapy
  4. Couples Therapy
  5. Child Therapy
  6. Assessments
  7. Supervision
  8. Case Management and Coordination
  9. Court Mediation and Expert Witness
  10. Referral for Psychiatric Evaluation and Medical Management
  11. Custom Featured Online Therapy
    1. Convenient and custom to your time schedule and own home
    2. Provides uninterrupted care when clients travel out of state and internationally. Also benefits those living in rural areas where choices may be limited
    3. All sessions are one-on-one private and confidential using HIPPA approved online site with Dr. Arias Shah
    4. A credit card is required to have on file to make payments after each session using secured services such as PayPal.
    5. Tailored 8, 12, or 16 week package sessions to achieve true breakthrough results
  12. We accept all major credit/debit cards and major insurance companies

Our Stories

“Our relationship was on the verge of meltdown until we contacted Family Solution Therapy. They took what lost in 5 years and molded us back within 6 sessions. The therapists are incredible. They have a unique style that was tailored just for us. We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your team has been great!

---Michelle and Robert, Miami FL

“My partner and I were on and off for the past year. After being recently married it was like our love faded away. We were recommended to Family Solution Therapy by another couple. At first we were resistant but once we started, everything just fell in place. Our marriage is saved and the big “D” word has never came up again. They saved us thousands of dollars. We are very happy now; great team of therapist.

---Elizabeth and Jorge, Coral Gables FL

“As an individual who deals with depression I just wanted to say that Family Solution Therapy helped me cope with my demons inside. I learned to love my self again. I gained my self-esteem back. I am dating now, and after 3 years of being single finally found my soul mate. The therapists are absolutely wonderful. Thank GOD I found them.

---Michael P, Fort Lauderdale FL


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